FREE: 3.5mm jack AUX input cable for Audio 20 NTG2

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Sep 20, 2014
I had this fitted to my Audio 20 (NTG 2) in A200, and it is now redundant.

Works perfectly fine, including with a bluetooth adapter for streaming music from iPhone, etc.

It plugs into the connector 3, pins 6,11,12.

Free on its own, or £3 if you want the bluetooth adapter with it (adapter, USB charger cable and male-male 3.5mm jack adapter).
Hi i will take that off your hands including the bluetooth adapter if you still have them, do you have a paypal email for me to send the £3 to?
Cool - it's yours :thumb:
I'll PM you my paypal address.
Don't forget to include your postal address.

PS - no PM facility yet, email me to david.glk @ mail . com (this is not a paypal address though)
ok sent email, you at wasn't sure if it was meant to be g mail or not.
came in from work was sat on the kitchen counter waiting for me. Many thanks!! This will do until the new Android head arrives ;):bannana::bannana:
Great :thumb:
And my apologies - I missed the question about somehow

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