FREE!! 3 AMG collector Articles

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Jun 1, 2002
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1) Performance Mercedes pullout from Merc Enthusiast mag "The Tuners take charge" includes Brabus, Kleeman,AMG,Carlsson,MKB, Fab Design Lorinser, Mosselman,Opera, Renntech, Tuner GP and Zeemax

2) A very similar book as above

3) Fifty Years of the Mercedes Benz SL

4) Non Benz.... The GT40 Returns mag...

All of these are around 30 page each and came with Merc Enthusiast. The GT article came with the Top Gear mag...

These are too good to throw away and are free to a good home.... Moving so having a good sort out!!!
Hi Guys.... 2 members wanted these but after moving, Chrismas and all that, I have lost their address's.. can whoever it was please IM me again.. cheers..

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