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Mar 29, 2020
loughton essex
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Looking for a site to allow me to upload a 6gig file for free sharing, any recommendations.

From a post on hear (thanks) I can now see EPC online with no download ect really useful link, recently got a new Bosch cabin filter was a fraction 2 big, check part number ect all matched up, guess there is something to be said from getting gen Merc parts, but I usually change all my filters every 12 months and Bosch have usually served me well.

I got hold of an old file of WIS goes up to 2006, work on oracle VM software very easy to install, about 6 gigs and it works well, thought I would share if asked, cant share link I found as its disappeared.

the other files are way to big and to be honest the small wis file dose me fine bit like having a Haynes to hand.

Sorry for not posting in off topic but I cant yet.



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Jun 22, 2003
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While Google Drive seems happy to host files for private individual use if you try to share them you may fall foul of their policy on copyrighted material
Mercedes also guards its service information jealously ---- Any online WIS site doesn't usually last long. :(
Just a friendly word to the wise.;)

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