French arrest 31 in 'keyless hack theft' probe.

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Jun 15, 2003
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As the title says, Euro police arrest 31 in 'keyless hack theft' probe.

Europol this week said it has arrested 31 people in a crackdown on a car-theft ring that developed and used a technique to steal keyless vehicles.

The alleged crooks preyed on motors from two French automakers, we're told. The thieves were apparently able to update or manipulate the cars' software so that the doors could be opened and engine started without needing the owner's wireless keyfob. Just turn up, get in, drive off.

I found this bit rather interesting:-

The European cops didn't provide much detail about the "fraudulent tool" used to pull off these thefts, other than it was marketed as an automotive diagnostic product and was typically used by independent repair shops to reprogram a car's key system without requiring a trip to the dealer.

Interestingly as well as the thieves, the software developers and kit sellers were among those arrested.

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