Front Brake Pads (and pins) for W211 E320 CDI 2006 facelift Estate

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Jul 4, 2009

Confused as two dealerships advised that A0004208404 - the usual choice for W211 is NOT suitable and that I need A0004208004 which actually is normally for CLS rather than E-class (and 35% more expensive). Some websites list these as the same (or more correctly list the same brake pads as being a replacement for both of these part numbers ).

Are they really different and I do need A0004208004 or is the difference cosmetic / marketing?

On ECP by registration number I see a huge list of available brands. Are they likely to be suitable and which ones are better?

Also Pagid offers well priced bracket and pins set. Is it advisable to replace those:


I have no idea which ones you need but if the dealer, presumably MB, say it's one thing and the likes of ECP say something different, I would follow the dealers' advice.

It's not uncommon for changes to be made during production runs but the motor factors often only list one part (I've had it several times).

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