Front Crankshaft Bearing sorted


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Mar 30, 2007
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Not sure if this should be posted here or in General as it is both an engine and a general post.

As was reported in I have now had this repair done and the total cost to me has been £135. MB paid 50% of parts and labour and Warranty Direct coughed up a further £1289.
What amazed me was the cost of the bearing parts. £19+vat. The rest was labour and of course parts that had to be replaced once bottom of engine was opened. The had to even lower the subframe to get at it and this therefore meant the car had to be realigned.

Once more I would like to thank Ollie at PCS for pointing out the defect to me when he changed my atf, and to Corned who pointed me to Wobbly’s post regarding his bearing issue. Thanks to wobbly for supplying me with his details of his car so I could use that as part of my “discussion” when asking for assistance.

I personally think I have been treated most fairly by MB, considering that the car is now on 90,000 miles and is Dec 05 registered. The contribution was from MBUK under goodwill as the factory wouldn’t entertain it. Wobbly’s was from the factory.

Whilst the car was in I had loaned to me a W204 250cdi sport.

Here are my findings of having that car for a week.

Initial impression was – “this is nice” It was dark metallic grey with black leather. Fully specced with Comand and Linguatronic etc.
Performance for a 4 pot was very impressive. Not as smooth as the 6 but grunt was there and to be honest for day to day driving I liked it. Economy was great, getting 53 mpg on a run to London, whereas my car on the same run would be nearer 43 mpg. Mid “overtaking” torque is all there. Not far off my car, just sounds louder and harsher when using it. Comfort is not as good as mine but that is a combination of stiffer springs/ shocks and 18” wheels. My wife liked the car until she took a call on her mobile (as a passenger) and had to put a finger in her ear as the road noise was too much.
Comand I liked with the Linguatronic that does work well and the Media interface – my granddaughter was in her element being DJ with my iPod.

So to finalise. – marks out of 10


Looks 8
Performance 8
Economy 10
Comfort 7
Gearbox 7
Interior 7
Handling 9
Comand 9


Looks 7
Performance 10
Economy 8
Comfort 9
Gearbox 9
Interior 8
Handling 7
Comand 7

All scores being relative to the two cars not to any others.

So would I buy one?

NO…. the reason. The price differential between the two makes it not a viable option. If it was a corporate purchase then I do think the 250 makes economic sense over the 320 but not emotional sense.
Also I prefer the interior to mine – but looking at the facelifted W204 – that is really nice. Also the facelifted one comes with the 7-G auto (Sorry Steve) but it is a far superior box to the 5 speed I used all week in the W204 non facelifted.


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May 3, 2005
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Good to see it's all sorted. I've been running around in a W212 for the last few days after the 211 decided to blow its waterpump. Nice place to be, but it was a 200cdi auto which is possibly the worst combination in the world!

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