Front Suspension Springs

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Sep 6, 2008
:( Hi there, just hand my car into Merc Dealer for B Service('52' C180K), mechanic pointed out front suspesion spring broken. Have ownwed car from new, only 32,000 careful miles with full MB service history. Does any member have any experience of this type of problem and should this be happening at such a low mileage. Have I any claim against Mercedes or will I just have to grin and bear the £400 bill for the suspension repair.
It's not unusual that a spring may break but £400 is steep! If I were you'd I'd find an independent to do it for you.
Broken springs are, sadly, common on the C class.

You can try for "goodwill" from MB or go to an Indipendant for more reasonable rates
Renew both springs when you get the car repaired. Broken springs are often caused by corrosion induced stress cracks. If one has gone the other may not be far behind!
Springs are chassis specific. Make sure that you get genuine Mercedes ones from your dealer. They cost £57 + vat each. Time for fitting = 30 mins. (£20). Total bill should not exceed £160.
Both mine were replaced with MB parts for about £40 parts plus one hour labour iirc.

Can't think why you'd be charged £400 by a main dealer even if the spring perch has rusted through etc etc.

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