FS: 1992 190D 2.5 partially stripped donor car.

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Jul 20, 2004
I need space for another Cosworth so my partially stripped 190D 2.5 donor car must go. It'll weigh in for about £160 & I'm looking for £275.

It's a K reg car with IIRC 220,000 miles and SH up to 197,000 with oil changes every 6K. The PO said he'd serviced it himself thereafter & I tend to believe him as it had good, clear coolant, brake fluid etc & was a tidy car until it broke. It was a senior manager's very high spec (for a diesel) - AC, orthopaedic leather, OTG, CC, 70 litre tank. AT, SR - company car at Booker & he racked up pretty big miles in it's early life.

I bought it for the leather interior & a few interior other bits with a dead tranny & have never driven it or started it. The PO said it ran well until the day the tranny died. I know it died on the road when in use because it had a nearly full tank of diesel when I bought it.

VIN is WDB2011262G020332

Complete interior is gone, mechanically pretty much untouched except for a few minor bits. Body good, no rust in wings, no damage. Pajett red. The engine has never been touched by me.

It will need trailering from RG10.

PM for pictures, more details etc.
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