FS: ViseeO MBU1000 UHI Bluetooth Adaptor

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Ian J

Feb 6, 2005
If you have a Mercedes-Benz which has the factory fitted Nokia cell / mobile (or "handy" in Europe) phone cradle (6150, 6210, 6310 or 6310i - see detailed list below) or the UHI (Universal Handy Interface) with a cradle, you can now easily connect this new MBU-1000 "ViseeO" Bluetooth module into the Nokia or UHI (Universal Handy Interface) cradle and use virtually any Bluetooth enable cell / mobile phone directly via the car's factory fitted hands-free phone system. Previously you either had to use the original Nokia mobile phones which are now quite old and hard to obtain or not use it at all. With this system, you can use your current and future Bluetooth enabled cell / mobile phones with ease. Multiple phones can be paired to the system and even the phonebook is synchronised for most phones. Steering wheel controls and / or the radio headunit can be used to make or receive calls and for cars with the Comand navigation system, the details of the calls can be viewed onscreen.

Once installed, this Bluetooth phone interface is very easy to use. In fact you virtually have to do nothing as it will connect automatically when you turn the car on and calls are routed via the module to the car's audio system. Simply press the answer button on the steering wheel or radio / navigation unit and the call will be answered. Do the same to turn the volume up or down. Hang up too! Caller ID is also possible on the screen. You can even leave your phone in you pocket, handbag or briefcase. Access the phone book on the car's display and select who you want to call, it is that easy! With police clamping down on mobile phone use in cars these days, this interface can save you money and make you journey a lot safer. Need to talk privately to someone? You can simply lift the cradle and talk, the audio is routed to the cradle handset or push a button to have the mobile phone itself connected. (Some of these features are dependant on the exact system fitted to your Benz and the mobile itself.)

Some other systems on the market suffer from echo, a common complaint and very annoying, especially to the person on the other end of the phone call. This system has a special feature which allows you to actually adjust the microphone level hence virtually cut the echo out completely! The sound quality is extremely good and one of the best obtainable with a hands-free car phone system. You can also pair up to three mobile phones; each can have its own phone book and those contacts are kept only for that phone, no-one else can access them without your phone.

I bought this just four months ago and it's only for sale as I have sold my SL350. Current price seems to be about £300 so I'll let mine go for £250 including delivery
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Unfortunately I can't edit the thread title but it is the more expensive MBU1000 that i have and not the cheaper 2000

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