Fuel filter correctness?

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Apr 24, 2009
Hi again,
Om651 2010 e250 269000miles
The correct part number for my car's fuel filter is A651 090 16 52 : Photos of which have that nozzle? hose?vent?valve?
The filter that was put in mine a couple of years doesn't have it.
The question is: It is the wrong filter and would the absence of the valve make a difference to fuel delivery?
The second photo has the nozzle. What is it for and is it necessary and could it lead to a problem or is that highly unlikely.?
Thank you for listening.

P.s. I do have a problem with fuel which i will detail in the near future if necessary. I am just eliminating the possibility that the incorrect fuel filter is related.


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Not sure, but mine was replaced last month and garage told me the fuel filter contains a heating element within it. Could cause problems if the heating circuit is not working?

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