Fuel leak w212 220

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Jan 16, 2024
United Kingdom
Mercedes Benz - E220 CDI SE w212 2013
Hi all,
Just wanted to share my situation.
This morning on a way to work I noticed smell of diesel coming out of vents.
Opened bonnet and took of plastic cover, under it everything is wet.
Obviously it’s a fuel leak there.

my mate had look at it whilst engine was on and he came up with idea that “injector rail fuel pipe” has cracked and it comes out of it as shown in picture.
Did see myself it was dripping. My mate said there’s a crack on bottom of the pipe.
Hopefully it’s just that.. and nothing more serious.
Is this problem common on e220 cdi w212 2013 models ?
Wondering now should I get hold of local MB dealership to buy that part and change it.
Any suggestions?

Some pics


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Hmmmm. Ive never seen one of those solid pipes crack.........are you sure its not just running along the pipe from one end or the other or spraying up from a leaking injector.
It seems that it’s leaking from left end actually yeah(
Just rang dealership and ordered new pipe, will try to change it as soon as possible.
Will update here if any luck
Usually it is nozzle holder crack, leaking on foot of the injector and splashing around because cylinder pressure is leaking too. I can't remember cracked pipe happened either.
so, just changed the pipe and it’s all good now
Thanks god .

When I bought car it seems like previous owner or whoever was trying to do magic to that engine forgot to screw in two bolts for engine which keeps it from shaking. In result of big vibrations eventually pipes got bent a bit which caused fuel leak.
It sound so stupid… but jobs done and now I got peace of mind .

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