Fuel Level Sensor

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Mar 14, 2023
2017 GLE 350d

Long time lurker, first time poster here! Hopefully this is the right section.

I've got a 2017 GLE 350d, which I bought back in 2020 from an Arnold Clark dealership in Grangemouth.

It's been a great car so far - my second Mercedes - but it's always had a slightly annoying issue where even with the tank completely brimmed, it only ever shows just over three-quarters full on the gauge. I sent it back but all the diagnostics came back clean, so I've just accepted it as a quirk of this car and it's never been an issue.

Fast forward to last weekend, driving up the M9, the gauge dropped from just under half a tank down to zero, and the 'range' display on the dash went from 200-ish miles to '--'. No issues with the car or the drive, and a few minutes later it all sprang back to life again. Then back to zero....now back to normal. Weirdly, the reserve fuel light never came on, which leads me to believe it's an issue with the fuel tank level sensor (which I have suspected all along).

I called up the garage and asked them to provide a cost to replace the part, which I can find online (part code: 166-540-05-17) for about £100, however they then told me it would be an additional £1500 in labour as they need to drop the exhaust, prop-shaft and fuel tank in order to get to it.

I get that these are main-dealer prices, so I guess I have two questions for you all...

1) Is there really no other way of getting to the sensor location without basically having to take half the car to pieces?
2) Anyone know of, or able to recommend a decent MB specialist garage in or around Stirling in Scotland that could do this job?

You used to be able to get at the sensors from under the back seats on some cars , no tank removal. Guess yours maybe different?

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