Fuel pipe clip

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May 8, 2021
E350 CDi
Hi All
So today my 2010 E350 ground to a halt with a very strong smell of diesel. Opening the bonnet and removing the engine cover reveal puddles of diesel just in front of the fuel filter. It seems there’s a fuel return pipe held in with a spring clip, clip had worked loose pipe popped out diesel everywhere and car stopped. IMG_0298.jpeg
Has anyone else had this ?
Im going to order another in case it does it again, can anyone suggest what I can use to secure it ? Looks like it’s got something on it
Can you not fit it facing down over rather than up over ?
Can you not fit it facing down over rather than up over ?
I tried that but it wasn’t having any of it. There are grooves that help it start in its current orientation
I may give it another try when the engine is cold and when I’ve got another clip.
Wire the ends together once it's in place?
Yes thanks that’s a great idea. All done so I feel better now..

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