fuel prices increasing 1 Sep

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A timely reminder for those of us with almost empty tanks---and who pay for their own fuel of course.:thumb:
How much does it go up by?

I think Sainsbury's are doing a deal: Save 5ppl on fuel when you spend £30 in the store

At least I think it's £30, rather than the usual £50.

'Every little helps'..........oh dear, that's someone else.
I got tanked up on Friday after work, and
then filled the car up with petrol yesterday ready for a trip to Horndean on Friday.
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A reminder the duty on fuel increases 1 Sep; and that's before the VAT at 15% ends later this year

Do you know whether at the beginning of this year they increased the fuel duty to cancel the effect of reduced VAT?

If they did, I'm sure they'll be reducing the duty once VAT rises.....haha!
I expect if the fuel stations have any sense, they'll have stuck 1 or 2p a litre on all the prices in advance of the duty increase, knowing that everyone will be filling up today!

They normally do this on Fridays/bank holidays etc anyway - people filling up for the weekend/longer journies etc.

They can then roll a penny or two back on monday and no-one will ever question it :D

Just to rub salt into I had a letter from Shell saying that the 3% discount on fuel with the Shell credit card is going down to 1%.
Sending my shell card back anyway.
Had it cloned twice and took ages for them to sort it out!:doh:
Both times from shell petrol stations too! :mad:
I put £400 in my tank last week (oil tank that is) at 34ppl, which is also going up by 2ppl tomorrow.
Morrisons Delays Fuel Tax Hike For 6 Days

According to Honest John:- Morrisons Delays Fuel Tax Hike For 6 Days
Mon, 31 Aug 2009 09:24
Morrisons is giving motorists a welcome relief from the fuel duty increase by
freezing prices at every one of its 290 forecourts nationwide from Tuesday 1
September to Sunday 6 September.

Morrisons Chief Executive, Marc Bolland, said: “Once again Morrisons is taking the
lead in giving fuel price savings. By paying the duty increase we are demonstrating
our commitment to delivering the strongest value for all our customers.”

During the six day fuel tax price freeze, drivers will be saving more than 2p a
litre every time they fill up at Morrisons, with our prices for diesel and unleaded

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