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Nov 21, 2021
C200 CDI Sport 4dr
Trying to install the sweeping Wing mirror lights on my C200 W204. Drivers side no issues as I found the plug for the motor to wire the 3rd single cable so I get the blue flash on close.

How the F*** does the bottom of the mirror housing loosen off where the puddle light fits lol? That would make life so much easier! I can loosen it by removing the torx on the outer part, the two retaining clips, but it won't come off completely. I have tried (without putting way too much force on) to remove the glass, but that won't budge.

Anyway, got to the puddle lights, did the passenger side first, result, blue flash on door opening. Disconnected, did drivers side, result!

Then the nightmares started. When both are connected, on unlock the passenger door puddle light stays on, powers the flash for the mirror, however, drivers side has decided as soon as the door is opened, it's off, therefore no power, no pre-flash?? This is despite the other day when I couldn't get power to the passenger side and the drivers worked perfectly. Disconnected and the puddle light is still turning off as soon as the door is opened....
I have put it back together, got some T-Taps coming and LED's to replace the dim bulbs, but this is so weird.... Anyone with a C-Class W204 with puddle lights, go unlock it and open the drivers door and tell me theirs is the same before I go mental!


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Sep 11, 2016
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I believe you will have to remove the glass. its just clipped onto the motor. It helps to have a wide trim removal tool or spatular to spread the load and limit chances of the glass breaking.

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