G9 bulb keeps blowing

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Jul 2, 2008
2011 E350Cdi Estate Auto
I have 2 lights with 40W G9 bulbs over a sink operated by the same pull/pull switch. They keep blowing, after only a few mths, despite them being good quality long life bulbs. I am careful not to touch them when fitting & they are in appropriate IP fittings which are rated for 40W bulbs. I am getting annoyed with them - they are rated as 2000 hrs and by my estimate should last at least 1-2 years
My question is: would the life be prolonged if I put a capacitor across the switch to give them a softer start, and if so what type/rating do I need?

Many thanks, Matt
Maybe, but it's the heat that's killing them.

Have you correctly calculated the 'on' time.?

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