Games consoles

Which game console do you recommend

  • Playstation 3

    Votes: 17 40.5%
  • X Box

    Votes: 13 31.0%
  • Nintendo Wii

    Votes: 12 28.6%

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Am thinking of taking the plunge to get a games console to use with our new Hd Panasonic.

What is the best ?

Sony playstation 3 (with Blueray)
X box

Any thoughts
I voted PS3. It has to be PS3, because that's the only one I have used. It also works as a wireless media streamer, which is good. And I'm sure it does loads of other flash stuff, but I haven't played around with it.
PS3 if you want to make the most of a decent TV.

Wifi, hard disk, Blue Ray, etc. all built in. And as mentioned you can stream music / pictures / video to it from your PC ... very easy to set up.

Wii has some cute/fun games but doesn't attempt to compete on video quality.
Pretty much the only thing the Wii has going for it is the controller, which leaves every other console looking silly. The output isn't HD either.

That said the only console I have owned is a Wii :)
Have you downloaded anything on the virtual console yet?
XBOX has far better games, and alot more to choose from.

Wii is for children and fun
Same with anything in life, there is no Best.

Everyone likes different things, different tastes. For me I prefer the Wii, the games are fun, I can download 100's of titles from old systems, N64, SNES, MEGADRIVE etc etc, Web browser etc etc.

Pity its not HD though
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Wii is fun, but I am thinking a lot is novelty factor. It gets people (all the family) playing which is great but I am personally tiring of the cartoon like games.

I crave a serious game with some graphics really impress and a decent driving game would be awesome. Sadly my old original X-Box wipes the floor withe wii in terms of graphics and driving games.

So if you want to play the latest titles with good graphics XBOX360 or PS3. If you want some family (perhaps for a limited time), go for the wii.

Unfortunatelly I think the answer is more than one console. Given the cost of a 360, you can perhaps justify it.
Ive got them all and use them all for different purposes, but really you can get the wii and xbox for the same price as a PS3 so maybe they should go together.
you can get the wii and xbox for the same price as a PS3

Yup but you'd still need to buy a Blu Ray player ...

PS3 can also be used as a twin-tuner DVR for about £60 (PlayTV add-on).
I'm going to have to say the Wii, as I've got one hidden for Christmas.

I have an old x-box and too be honst cannot get my head round playing games on my own for hours on end (If I had the time).

The Wii is so we can use it as a family / when friends come round. I know its not the 'best' graphics etc but I'm not bothered about that.

I have a Blueray DVD for films so thats sorted.

So for interactive fun I've gone for the Wii
As a games console there is a better selection of games on the Xbox360, for family fun the Wii, PS3 is good but not been impressed with the games available. It`s down to you and what you want to do with it. I have all 3 and use 360 more than any of them.

I think in summary then:

Best spec/comes with a blu-ray player: PS3
Best selection of games and better VFM (as a console): XBOX 360
Best for kids and all-round family fun (but not a serious competitor to the above): Wii

I have used all three. Wii is great fun (for it's intended purpose, it just works nicely :) ). PS3 should be the best, but it's not - it's just the best specced. XBOX still offers slightly more in the gaming lineup IMHO.

OT - but I wish the PS3 could use a regular IR remote for the blu-ray drive, it'd make it a better contender as a blu-ray player so you could use a proper universal remote (for those of us with 1/2 dozen+ different IR devices!)

BTW, I type this with a shiney PS3 sitting in front of me ;)

If its the HD features that you want to explore, then the PS3 is the one - its a no brainer from that perspective.

If you want a truly interactive games console, then the Wii is the one. Graphically speaking it is no where near the PS3, and does not have anywhere near as many features. However, as a fun games console its definitely up there.

My vote has been for the PS3 and you mention new HD screen in your opening post. Blu-ray is the added advantage in addition to the upscaing capabilities.
BTW, I type this with a shiney PS3 sitting in front of me ;)


Will, you are so bad!! :devil:

The games selection for the PS3 is ever increasing, and new features are constantly being developed and added via the firmware updates. For example, version 2.5 has the time interval based forwarding feature....

The optional PS3 remote provide full BLU RAY player controls - saying that I bought one with mine when I pre-ordered it, and have only used it a couple of times in the past year and half!! The PS3 controller does the job for me.

It would be the sound investment. If at all possible, try getting a first generation 60Gb version of the PS3 from eBAY - it is the best one with the 4 USB port, compatibility to play PS2 games etc..

I have upgraded mine from 60Gb to 320Gb - to store more movies etc on it!

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