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Nov 23, 2021
I had never heard of this garage despite living locally, but was referred to PSM by another garage when looking for help with an automatic gearbox issue I encountered over the weekend and am so glad I was. Shabz and his team could not have done more to look after me, and got me back on the road within a couple of days and for a very good price. Customer service was brilliant, Shabz treated me as a friend and went out of his way to come pick up a part unrelated to my initial issue that I had planned on fitting myself, so I could get all the work done at the same time whilst the car was off the road. The labour rates are very reasonable, and the guys in the workshop clearly know their stuff. It was refreshing to deal with someone as passionate as I am about cars generally, and in particular the workshop specialises in Mercedes. I would highly recommend anyone in the local area (or even out of the area, they are worth travelling for) give PSM a try for any of your workshop needs, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
I am not local to this garage but reviews like this are really good to hear about.. People are always quick to write bad reviews or hit their keyboards with bad experiences. We should have more of these positive ones posted about. Good stuff!!

I had similar service at MB automotive in Loughborough... Great local indy they are..

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