Garmin Map Pilot Live Traffic Subscription

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Aug 3, 2020
C220d AMG Line Premium Estate
Hi, I have a 2018 C Class with the Audio 20 CD system along with the Garmin Map Pilot sat nav system. A few days ago the car turned 3 years old and the 3 years live traffic subscription ended and I want to renew it.
I called my local MB dealer (Marshall's Portsmouth) and spoke with someone in the service dept but they didn't know anything about it but said they would get the service manager to call me back to discuss. I'm still waiting for the call back 9 hours later.
In the meantime I did a bit of Googling and figured out what I needed so I called back and spoke to someone in the parts dept about getting a new update SD card. Once again the parts dept person didn't seem to know much and said he would call me back. I'm still waiting for that call as well 5 hours later. At that point I gave up on Marshall's Portsmouth.

So I then called MB Guildford and spoke with someone in their parts dept. He said that MB have now stopped supplying update SD cards and you have to update it via the Mercedes Me portal or app. I logged in and checked that but there was nothing navigation related for my car so I'm dubious if he knew what he was on about as well.

So I then turned to MB in Chichester and spoke to Jack in their parts dept and he was much more knowledgeable and helpful. He knew exactly what was required and checked availability and price which coincided with what I'd found from Googling earlier.

So I gather what he is getting for me is this at a cost of £102. The only thing he was a bit vague on was the live traffic situation. So basically, what I want to know is will this Garmin Map Pilot update give me a further 3 years live traffic subscription as the MB page I linked to does not mention it at all.

Why are the dealers so clueless about this. Surely it must come up every time a car turns 3 years old. I had the car serviced at Marshall's Portsmouth in August so I'm surprised someone didn't mention it then and give me the option of purchasing the update in advance ready for when the subscription did expire.

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