gasgas here, with a 280SL and a 190 2.5D

Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by gasgas, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Jan 29, 2016
    190 2.5D and 280SL
    Hi everybody, I have had numerous W124s and since then, following the purchase of several new cars full of yukky computers I have decided that the car to keep is a pre-1994 Mercedes. They were as you know very well built with some strange metals that don't rust where other makes do. Exhaust manifold nuts for example.
    I bought a 1994 280SL which amazes me every time I look at a piece of its engineering, but I will keep my 1991 190 2.5 diesel as it just runs on the fumes of the lorry in front. The gauge hardly ever moves. The car doesn't move very well, either, but I think of it as my stately galleon. Of course everyone else on the road has to be in front of me but I am always pulling up behind them at the lights so they gain nothing. Very cheap parts, I can fix and service it myself, it has no rust, and - gulp - has done 350,000 miles. I didn't discover that until after I had bought it because the MOT says that 5 years ago it was on 270,000 miles and the toe rag that sold it to me advertised it as 98,000 miles which is what is on the clock.

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