Gearbox breaking? Metal bits in rubber plug of gearbox bell housing of 2008 320 CDI

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Sep 19, 2015
C320 CDI 2008
Hi guys,
I apologise for asking a question straight off :confused:

Wonder if anyone is able to advise. I have a C320 CDI 2008 (W204) with a 7-speed gearbox which has done 42,000 miles. I was about to have the gearbox oil and filter change, but mechanic then showed me the inside of the rubber plug which you remove to access the torque converter and its drain point. Within it were quite a few metal bits. He said he hasn't seen this before, but that it would suggest possibly either the oil pump or torque converter were breaking up, or something close by. He said the gearbox needs to come off for further investigation, but warned it could even mean a new gearbox is needed.

What got me to call in the mechanic in the first place was the fact that the car is a little jerky when changing up and down through the gears, though there is no whine or concerning noise audible, and the car is able to change up and down through the gears. The complication is that where he needs it off-road to service is not really close, so I may have to go to a main dealer near me.

Anyway, been researching this the last few nights. People talk about seeing metal fragments in the sump of the gearbox, but not in the rubber plug that provides access to the torque converter. Has anyone experienced this before? The mileage just seems too low.

Many thanks in advance!
Sounds like swarf off the starter ring gear or flex plate. Get the box serviced and have the wear increments checked on star and the adaptations done.

I wanted a 320 CDI but the 7G box put me off.
Thanks, Sir. The mobile mechanic had the Star system and said everything was within tolerance, though I think he said that Star probably wouldn't pick up anything mechanical. Presumably you mean to have the gearbox removed to service it? Thanks again.

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