Gearbox issue

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Dec 30, 2022
W203 C220Cdi Estate
W203 C220CDI Auto

Currently have a problem where the car reads a blank display for the gearbox (see image), when I start the engine and move the gearbox into drive, the computer doesn't indicate from park through reverse, neutral and into drive. As I move the gearstick there's a proper jerk into gear in reverse and drive

Then when I try to drive the car usually won't go out of 1st gear and certainly won't go into 5th

Usually, this appears only to happen in the rain or damp conditions, on the rare occasion it happens in the dry the car can be immediately restarted and it behaves normally again

There's also the engine management light on while I'm driving

I've just bought an icarsoft CR max odb reader to see if it will diagnose the fault (although there was previously an injector fault that has now been fixed, I wondered initially if the engine light was that)

There is plenty of transmission oil in the box - I've just checked with the super long dipstick

What could be the reason for the computer not seeing where the gearstick is at? Is it the connector or are there other possibilities?
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