Gearbox issues w212 eclass

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Jun 25, 2020
I recently had a gearbox refurb along with a new clutch and DMF done by a garage.

When I got the car back the clutch pedal was really light, there was a whining noise and no resistance between 1st gear and reverse (manual), it’s really difficult to select 1st gear as reverse is right next to it. Normally there was a resistance and you push it into reverse.
The car is going back in on Tuesday.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause this?
I’ll mention about the detent springs but the gearbox just had its bearings replaced. Everything has a years warranty so they’ll be fixing it for sure. Thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated.
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So I haven’t driven the car since Friday, came to drive it to the garage today and the resistance is back for reverse gear, car drove perfectly except for the whining which is suspected faulty bearing…hmm

The garage acknowledges that it’s a dodgy bearing and will replace it - that’s the whining noise sorted.

As for the reverse gear, they are telling me this may be an issue with the forks. As they took the gear box apart and changed seals and bearings it may have disturbed other things or something may not have been sat right. They are going to investigate on Thursday.

They have told me this may cost me as i didn’t opt for a full gearbox refurb ( I was told by them that everything was fine and just have the bearings replaced), after they did diagnostics on it.

What are people’s thoughts?

They said they will do it at the cost of the parts, but am I wrong in thinking why should I be paying?
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finally after 2 months I am picking my car back up this evening.

Car has had a new clutch and DMF along with a fully rebuilt 6 speed gearbox.

Very excited to drive and feel any difference.

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