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Jul 21, 2011
E 500 Coupe.
My Sept 61 2011 E Class CDI Sport Blue Efficiency is due a service in 30 days. The assist says service A9. According to my Mercedes quote ( MB Ayr ) Additional work.....Autobox oil and filter change is required at a cost of £300 ish, plus the cost of the A service.
Now...ESS says 722.9 -NAG2...gearboxes should be changed once at 31K miles or 3 years.
7.229 NAG2-FE+ gearboxes should be changed once at 77K miles or 5 years.
The car has now done 39K miles.

Now...the car has full MB service history and was purchased as MB approved in March this year. How do i know what gearbox I have?. It does not have the stop/start feature.
If it is the NAG2 then the change should have been done at 3 years. The itemised service sheet does not mention this being done.
If it has the NAG2-FE+ then all is well.
Sorry to be so long winded, I just wanted to make everything clear.
Thank you.

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