Gearbox serviced @ MSL

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Guy.Pap, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Guy.Pap

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    Jan 25, 2015
    E280 Sport Wagon
    I called in at MSL on Friday and had my gearbox serviced at MSL, depite the fact they were rushed off their feet my car was sorted and all with genuine MB parts yet again great service from Acid and crew whilst there I had Acid tweak the my remap slightly and delete the EGR. I didnt post up straight away as I when I left I went straight to work and have been on nights since. All I can say is WOW what a difference to the way the car drives, very smooth espeacially in the morning when the gearbox is cold I used to feel it changing down gears when pulling up to a junction now nothing at all. the only way I know it is changing gear now is by watching the rev counter....result..
    All I have left to do now is replace the ball joint Acid told me about which is sitting on my desk and I will do in the morning fill up with some good fuel and go for a good long drive. ;)

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