Gearbox specialist needed for Vito 722.6 box

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Gaz Brereton

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Jun 30, 2017
Mercedes Vito 120cdi
Hi guys, new to the forum, so go easy.
My van, a 2007 Mercedes Vito 122 cdi crew van with a 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a 722.6 auto box, which I believe, has recently developed a fault whereby as it slows down and you don’t apply the brakes, there is a noticeable/ loud squeaking or squealing noise, which appears to be coming from the gearbox. This only happens when you slow to a stop or are at low speeds. It also doesn’t happen, or is not noticeable at higher speeds, when you slow. If you slow down using the footbrake it also doesn't occur and when you apply the accelerator it stops. Further to that when you put it into reverse there is like a grinding noise, but only slight, more like a brushing noise. I believe it is the gearbox but it could be the driveshaft as the audible sound does appear to be more external than internal, plus there is no real feedback through the steering wheel, pedals or vehicle itself, just the noise.
The gearbox has always had a shudder when at low speed and you put your foot down, but I assumed that this could be due to the power of the engine.
I spoke with the mechanic we use (he does small jobs and gets it through the MOT) who suggested taking it to a gearbox specialist. I live close to Exeter, and was advised to use a nearby specialist, however after looking at reviews, they didn't instil me with confidence.
I'm asking if anyone on the forum recognises the symptoms I've described and also if there are any recommendations for Autobox specialists who can do the work.
Although I live in the South West, the van is drivable at the moment and I am prepared to travel to find a trustworthy specialist, although not hundreds of miles.
Thanks in advance guys
We also have a 2007 120 and the shuddering at low speed you mentioned isn't normal. How long have you had the van, and what's the mileage?

The gearbox is the same 5-speed auto that was used in loads of Mercs for decades (it's basically the same one as in my SL500) ... it's pretty reliable so long as the fluid is changed every 50k miles or so and the level is OK. So unless your van is on starship mileage I would suspect something external like the propshaft (as you mentioned) first. Or I wonder if it could be engine mounts?

Hopefully someone else will chime in - good luck with getting it sorted!
Suggest you give Terry at Wayne Gates a call and discuss it with him. He's recently rebuilt my 211's 5 speed gearbox and knows his stuff.
Mackies in Glasgow - they've even held open days and all sorts for MB Owners/Jaguar Owners/BMW..

Phone and ask for John..

If In doubt, I can meet you part way or get it delivered to me and I'll take it in.. but won't pay the bill Lols!

Here's the link, can thoroughly recommend them..

Mackie Automatic and Manual Transmissions
Thanks for the reply, but that's just too far for me I'm afraid.
The low speed shudder is nothing to do with the power of your van, my car has the same 722.6 gearbox and has a 5.4 Litre V8 engine and it does not shudder.

This gearbox is rated at more than 1000Nm output (my car puts out half of that) that's why it is used the world over in many vehicles.

You have a mechanical fault somewhere. get it to a specialist. Not necessarily an MB specialist but at least a transmission specialist.

Good luck.

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