Gearbox vibration when wet E220 W211

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Sep 2, 2023
NE39 1NB
E220 W211 2024
E220 W211 2004 gearbox vibrates/shakes in the wet.
Normally the whole car drives fine.
But in heavy rain/puddles the car vibrates severely. It does this at all speeds, and also parked. It still drives, but a bit of lost power.
The car switches off with a clunk.
Switches back on with a clunk.
The engine still runs sweet - so all is OK from the front of the gearbox forward.
It's not speed related - so all is OK from the back of the gearbox backwards.
It stops after a few minutes (when dried out?)
It did this a couple of years ago, when the garage changed the rear gearbox mount - the problem went away but has now returned every time it rains.
I don't believe the rubber mount was the cause, but something must have been disturbed that stopped the fault for 2-years.
So, is water getting into something electrical underneath? Is there a sensor that could be cracked? Or a connector? Or split cable?
Any ideas?

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