Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

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Apr 1, 2011
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Hi Guys,

As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s never been a major issue. But as 3 years have continued my business has evolved massively, with not many new clients knowing what we can really achieve in 2014. Due to this GAD has had a major makeover over the last 5 months and I am happy to say my brand new 2014 website will be live Thursday 1st May. As part of the launch there will be two competitions that will be shared on here, but will be running live on my companies FaceBook page. This will involve wax giveaways included my signature wax built by bouncer himself and my very own Apparel. There are also a lot of things happening this year that I can’t talk about just yet. But with the official release a couple of weeks ago, one of them I can.
As some of you may know, a select few of us around the UK, last year were testing a secret Crystal Lacquer for Gtechniq. This soon would be the strongest most advance nano coat in the world. I was selected being Gtechniq approved and found the unrefined product very durable with insane water beading. Below is a small paragraph to some the product up:
Crystal serum’s innovative composite ceramic structure represents a major development in aftermarket covalently bonding ultra durable nano coatings. A single application of crystal serum not only forms a thicker protective barrier then standard nano-coats. It also offers independently proven world class leading levels of gloss, scratch and chemical resistance and durability. The 9H top and softer 7h base layer improves swirl resistance over regular 9h coatings. Furthermore compared to standard ceramic coatings. Crystal Serum forms a relatively thick combined film which greatly reduces surface hazing. The molecular structure of the hard top layer is exceptionally chemical resistant. Crystal Serum can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings. An additional benefit from having a flexible base layer and hard top layer is that Crystal Serum is very resistant to extreme heat changes from -40 degrees to +250 degrees. Making it the strongest, most durable automotive protection in the world.
The new product as above has been named Crystal Serum. As part of the product release Myself, KDS Keltec & SI Restoration was the first to apply it to clients cars in the world. KDS completed a Veyron, myself a 458 Italia and I believe SI Restoration was a 991 Porsche. All cars were complete with professional videos with KDS releasing there’s first. Even Gtechniq themselves have not released there media video on the product as it hasn’t had a full media launch by themselves. But I myself have now fitted 3 full signature paint correction details all with Crystal serum Inc the rest of the full Gtechniq TSP package.
As I have said above my first official client car was a Ferrari 458 Italia in black. But I had a photographer come in and spend a week with me filming the work and photographing all the shots. This will be officially released alongside the launch with the new website as well as all the media coverage.
But since then I have completed a Porsche Cayenne GTS and last week a Ferrari 360 Spyder with a Phantom next week. So as a sneak preview of all the new things coming, I thought I will share with you the 360 Spyder GAD signature detail with the exclusive Gtechniq Crystal Serum.
The Ferrari 360 Spyder was purchased by my client from Amari supercars. The car was purchased on a very good deal knowing that it was going to need some work to get it looking good. So with the Shikh Amari Syed watching my FB wall himself, I started the job.
The car prior to my client purchasing it was left outside on the drive for 11 years. The guy never garaged it nor did he take much car of it whatsoever. The first thing that you noticed bar the paint looking very dull was the soft top. The sun had destroyed its colour and as you can see, looking very tired indeed. The seats were also cracked quite a bit and were looking as dull as the roof. So after a discussion with my client his was the initial list of what be completed:
-Complete paint correction detail.
-Wheels removal deep clean.
-Engine bay clean.
-Soft top deep clean, re dyed and crystal lacquer protection.
-Both seats Refinished.
-Headlight restoration.
-Complete interior detail.
-Rear soft top plastic window corrected for UV damage.
-Full Gtechniq TSP package Inc Crystal Serum, EXOv2 x 2 coats, C5, G1, L1 & I1.
First job was to deep clean the roof. This was completed with Renovo soft top cleaner and a horse hair brush and left to soak out of the sun. While that was completed all shuts and gaps were treated to surfex HD and agitated with a detailing brush. The engine bay was also treated to surfex HD and given a good scrub.



The car wash then given a snow foam bath, keeping as much off the roof as possible.



The car was then rinsed of a 50’c using purified water including the roof. Remember my hot karcher has variable pressure which I turn down to rinse soft tops.
The car was then wash with Gtechniq G wash using the 2bm and gtechniq Marino mitt and optimitt for the lower half’s.


The car was then rinsed off, given a chemical bath, re washed, rinsed and taken inside for drying. This was completed with 70/30 drying towel and warm air blower. Car was then clayed with Elite Car Cares very own mild clay and meguiars last touch for clay lube.



Once completed the car was given a thorough IPA wipe down. As you can see the first thing I noticed was the super dry lacquer that was head to foot on the vehicle. After checking all shuts behind various panels such as the front wing it had become apparent that this vehicle has had a full body respray. Even the paint had sunk where the soft top had been put back up and had rested on the rear platform.



So the first thing I wanted to tackle was the roof and headlights. The rear deck was going to need serious polishing so was best to get the roof done and dried over the weekend, so that it was dry to fold away when machining the rear deck. The roof surrounding was masked up and the first coat of dye was laid down. This is a seriously time consuming job and though I would say most with a careful hand could tackle this it is not for the non patient.


Then it was time to tackle the headlights. For this I wet sanded them with 1500, 2500 & 3000. Once I was happy with the overall flatten finish they were compounded with menzerna 400 on the rotary with an LC wool pad. Once completed though it was apparent that one headlight had been split from the light and had been internally scratched, so as you can see below the right headlight is now seriously letting down the overall appearance. Unfortunately QV of Windsor didn’t have time to come and disassemble the lenses from the light so this has been booked in to be complete in a couple of weeks.


One the lights were completed it was back to the roof to give it its second and final coat. These coats were complete 24 hours apart prior to removing the masking to ensure an even black finish. Once this was complete it was onto removing the swirling and super dry lacquer. Various shots.










Rear deck badge removed to remove defects and ensure and even finished of crystal serum.



Once the paint correction was finished it was time to bring the cockpit out into daylight to refinish the two front seats. With the amazing weather it was a good chance to check I had paint corrected the car correctlyJ







The seats dark blue piping was all masked up, seats scrubbed and cleaned and refinished to make sure they looked as good as the exterior. A couple of before and afters.



Once completed the car was bought inside and given a thorough IPA wipe down to ensure the removal of polish and prep the car for Gtechniq Crystal Serum. Included in this was to remove the yellow indicators and replace with clear lenses to freshen the look up. And to de fur the top door rubbers which had spent their lives being washed with TFR.



Crystal Serum was laid down. This takes around 3 times the length of C1 crystal lacquer to apply. It dry’s much quicker so therefore was being applied in very small squares.


Once this was completed it was onto the engine bay. This was degreased and steam cleaned earlier on in the wash process so it was hovered, wiped down and aerospace 303 was applied. This was left for 2 days while other various jobs were being completed. I then came back to the engine wiped it down polished the metal, removed the Amari stickers from the engine window, machine polished the glass and it was good to go.


Next up was wheel removal deep clean. All wheels were removed and arches were dressed with chemical guy’s bare bones. The callipers were scrubbed with surfex HD, dried using the airline, IPA wipe down and then dressed with Gtechniq C5 and EXOv2. Wheels were all treated to a snow foam bath while tyres were scrubbed clean with surfex HD. They were then treated to bilberry, rinse, iron x, rinse, air blow dried, de tarred, IPA wipe down and protected in Gtechniq C5 and EXOv2. Wheels were put back on the car with tyres dressed in Gtechniq T1. Car was lowered and wheels were torque at correct factory setting.




Rear window in soft top was then machine polished on the rotary with a small LC orange foam pad, menzerna 400 on the extension bars to rear all the areas. This removed all the scratches and more importantly the yellowing UV damage from sitting outside
As you can after completing the roof and the rear window it made the world of difference to the vehicles appearance.

Once that was completed the roof was crystal lacquered with the heat gun used to accelerate curing time.


Then it was time to put the first coat of EXOv2 down as well as G1. While the glass protection was curing the interior was given a thorough clean. This included degreasing all plastics, polishing interior glass, detailed vacuum, all fabric protected with I1 while all leather was protected with L1. All door shuts were polished ipa’ed and protected in EXOv2 too.
6 hours later the final coat of EXOv2 was applied to the paintwork and wheels. This was the final article:



Note difference to headlight lenses :-O
















Here is a HD youtube clip of the car completed.

This is just a small update of whats the come in the next few weeks, with the build up to the release of the new site. Once the new GAD trailer has been released on how I detail cars including the application of the all new Gtechniq Crystal Serum I will have it up. Followed by some great conpetitions and some very exiting information for 2014 onwards.

Thanks for looking and I’ll be back soon with some fantastic footage.....
Kind Regards

A lovely job as usual! Well done and thank you for posting :)
An everyday Merc on a Mercedes forum would of been nice........
An everyday Merc on a Mercedes forum would of been nice........


The point of this thread is the release of Gtechniq crystal Serum. It's not officially released yet so the only cars that I've completed are two ferrari's, two Porsches and a phantom. So really it's for the guys well into there crystal lacquer LSP's as oppose to the car it's been fitted too. If you check my profile and search for the threads I've posted there are many many MB's that have had a lot of work completed on them:)

Kind Regards
That very car came to us straight after for a significant sound upgrade.

It did look the muts nuts when it arrived.
Hi Alfie, I hope you kept it looking this good while completing the audio install:))
Holy thread revival!!!
After a year how does the C/S stand up? Does it weather uniformly? My concern bearing in mind the problems with removal after poor application would be that it wears/degrades unevenly causing aggressive measures to rectify?

Mike did my Obsidian Black E63 with Crystal Serum a year ago. It's my daily driver, it lives outside, and has covered around 14k miles since he did it. All I've done is wash the car, and used some Tardis on it to get some pretty heavy tar spots off it after Bucks CC decided to top dress around 15miles of my daily route to work last summer :doh:

After washing it looks just like it did when Mike applied the CS. Water beads just the same as it did when the car was first done. I must say that I wasn't sure it would be as good as claimed, but a year on I'm incredibly impressed.
pretty damn good

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