Gemclean Detailing-MBClub member Aeroman's Bentley GTC Carbon edition.

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Apr 1, 2011
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Hi Guys,

Ever since Aeroman purchsed his C63 AMG and bought it to me for my signature paint correction/full gtechniq TSP package. He loved it so much that he has continued to bring all his cars to me. After selling his C63 AMG, he always missed having a car he could call his Grande Tourer. The decision was made and he purchased a The new Bentley GTC V8. The car was collected from hampshire Bentley and taken straight to my studio for 5 days of pampering. The car was litrally 2 hours old and already had light scratches through the whole body such as these:


On top of this dealerships are shocking at removing all the transportation fall out from new vehicles and just hand polish and wax over the top. This particular bentley dealership actually still used lifeshine, which was apparant as it was clogged solid in every grove and gap on the car solid white! This is the preperation process i used on any car prior to paint correction to ensure a clean, contaminant free body:

-All door shuts, gaps, grooves, badges, arches and body are pre treated with a weak solution of surfex HD. This is left to dwell for 4-5 mins and then jet washed off with water running 40'c.
-Then the entire car is treated to a hot snow foam bath using bilthammer autofoam and left to dwell for 10 minutes. Theis is then also rinsed off thoroughly.
-The car is then washed with gtechniq G-wash using a gtechniq marino mitt and optimitt using 2bm. This is then rinsed again.
-The entire body is then treated to a chemical bath using iron x, which is left to dwell for approx 6-8 minutes. Once reacted, the wash process is repeated and then rinsed off.
-Its then time to rinse the car with 0 grade water. This is ph neutral water, which ensures zero water marking and leaves everything uber clean.
-The car is then taken inside and dried with 70/30 ultra plush drying towels and the warm air blower. This ensures all water is removed from shuts and gaps.
-Once completed its time to clay. For this my favourite clay for the last 3 years is Elite Car Cares very own. Its exactly the same as dodo juice gentle grey but alot more stretchy. So it never gets brittle or marrs paint. But is amazing at picking up those last bits of fallout. For lubrication i use megs last touch.
-Once completed, I then give the car a thorough ipa wipedown. This removes all the clay sling and any polishes and fillers left in the paint, leaving me a true finish to work with. Believe it or not this was enough to remove every bit of life shine. if this was C1 crystal lacquer & two coats of ExoV2, you would had to hit it with TFR 4-5 times to start breaking it down.
-From here the scratches were light as shown above so scholl concepts s17+ was used on an orange lake country pad on the flex rotary. Now ive machined quite a few 2013+ bentleys and they have all been super sticky and horrible to machine. But this one was a complete oposite & a total dream to polish.
-Once this was complete the car was given a thorough ipa wipedown as s17+does have a small amount of fillers in order to spread so well and not dry out between sets.
-Once this was completed it was time to apply Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer to the entire body (my own personal homed secret method) apart from 1/3 of the front end.
-Once completed the wheels were removed from the car and cleaned off the car. The process was surfex on the tyres, bilberry then iron x on the wheels. They were then taken inside, warm air dried, treated for any tar deposits and given a thorough ipa wipe down. Gtechniq C5 was applied, left for a couple of mins depending on temperature then residue removed. While the wheels are off, the arches are re coloured with cg barebones and calipers cleaned and also protected in Gtechniq C5.
-Then it was time for my friends from paintshield UK to come down to the studio and fit the self healing film. Now im not a fan of films as it makes paint look so orange peely. But the new self healing film is so thin and amazing to machine polish. Never swirls, and self heals itself with the use of either hot sunlight or warm water.
-While they fitted the custom kit the exterior glass was ipa'ed and coated in 3 layers of Gtechniq G1.
-Then it was back to the wheels for a coat of ExoV2 and they were ready to go back on the car and torque up to correct factory settings.
-Once the film was fitted it was coated in mbclub member billy wizz (bouncer's) amazing winter wax fortify. If you havnt yet got some, get it, its the best winter wax I have ever used, super easy to apply and lasts...well... ive enever had to re apply yet:)
-After 8 hours of the temp at 25'c it was time to get the first coat of Gtechniq ExoV2 down on top of the C1 crystal lacquer.
-Once applied it was time to polish the rear tailpipes and coat in Gtechniq C5.
-Soft top was then coated in Gtechniq I1 nad left to dry over 24 hour period.
-Then it was time to give the interior a thorough degrease and detailed vacuum. All plastics (which are not much) were protected in swissvax matte. Seals protected in swissvax seal feed. Carpets and mattes protected in Gtechniq I1. Leather protected in gtechniq L1 with interior glass cleaned with Megs glass cleaner.
-Then last but not least, the last coat of Gtechniq ExoV2 and the tyres were dressed with Gtechniq T1.

Below are some various phtos during the process:




Front bumper paint corrected with film applied. Looks pretty sweet:



Bonnet with film. As you can see it only adds a small amount of orange peel due to how thin it is.














Obviously its only right that I have my wax hand signed by the man himself:)

















The car came back after 4000 miles for a single day detail. Below are various videos of the crystal lacquer and hydrophobic coatings all working very nicely:

Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1 Action-3 - YouTube

Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1 Action-2 - YouTube

Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1 Action-1 - YouTube

So there we have it. My personal signature new car crystal lacquer protection detail. Well untill last week when only 3 of us were lucky enough to have the ultra bespoke Gtechniq Crystal serum:


This has not been released yet, but only myself, KDS and S.I. restoration have got it to use as it stands. Not sure when its officially released for other detailers, but Its first offcial use was last week in the bugatti veyron by KDS. My first paying client is next week and it will be on a 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia. Im pretty sure its the 3rd official car in the world to have it applied and I have been authorised to already be able to sell its application as of last week. Its effectively Super C1, thicker and suoper strong in everyway. There is nothing in the world as strong as it and your looking at solid durability for 10-15 years. Ive witnessed neat toilet bleach on a bonnet for 5 minutes and it didnt even break it down. Big things from this is the future and now officially available from myself:)

Thanks for looking!

Kind Regards
Very nice - a shame you couldn't change the paint colour ;).
I shudder to think what that detail would cost but when going on the likes of Bentleys and Ferraris I guess small change to the owners and ultimate protection!
I love the colour in the flesh and it is so nice to see a Bentley in a colour other than black or white
I personally love the colour. Another of my top clients has a 2013 Bentley GT speed in black. He hated it in red then after seeing it for three days he loved it. The paint job is flawless one of the best I've seen come out of Bentley. But I'm going to be biased as every square inch of this car is definitely me. It's had every box ticked and I was very fortunate to use it for the weekend to Stratford recently and as a GT car goes is amazingly comfortable and beautiful to drive. I honestly love this car as it does everything you want it too.

Kind Regards

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