Geniune AMG 19" wheels and 18" Split Rims


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May 8, 2007
w208 Coupe,
I'm offering the complete Mercedes section of my secret wheel stash on here, the 19's are on Ebay as well.
Plan was to have the wheels for my next car ready and also the wheels I always wanted for my W208 daily driver.
I'm not buying a SL R230 for the forseeable future due to recently going into business and looking to contiune growing the business after a good first year. (being a grown up is not that much fun!)

Both sets bought from MBclub members for my CLK and proposed SL R230:doh:
Please excuse the iPhone pics, better pics will be available later, these are more to show the type of wheel.

Both sets are refurbished to a high standard.
Run-outs, balance and any possible damage checked for at refurbishers before work started. One of the front 18's needed a minor repair, the 19's were good all round. All the wheels are straight and true.

After that they were Dipped/stripped and Powdercoated.

Split rims were dismantled by me and rebuilt by the refurbisher they also have new Titanium bolts from Pertsch & Partner in Germnany and stainless steel bolt in valves.

Split rims have Pirelli tyres, 19's have no tyres but can be sourced at cost typically matching and bettering Kwikfit by quite a way! or Part worns from DE. are normally available from a local firm. (This would need to be arranged/checked)


18" Geniune AMG Type 1 two piece Split rims

SL R129 1990-2001 Fitment. Will fit other Mercedes, were on my W208 CLK
Pirelli Rosso 235/40/18 5mm Tread no repairs on either
Pirelli Rosso 265/35/18 MO 5mm Tread no repairs on either

18x8 ET25 Part no: HWA 129 400 15 02
18x10 ET25 Part no: HWA 129 400 17 02
Pic is a front rears are dished about a 2.5 inch lip

£2000 ono

19" Genuine AMG Type 3 Monoblock
SL R230 fitment 2001-Present. Will fit other Mercedes, were intended for my dream SL55 but ended up on th W208 for a bit then refurbished and boxed up.
Also with special bolts from to fit CLK SLK etc should you need them. Pic is a front, rears have a concave/dished look

19x8.5 ET 30 Part no: 230 401 30 02
19x9.5 ET 31 Part no: 230 401 31 02

The blue is insulating tape on the edge from refurbishers.
19's Also on eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace more pics.
£1150 on ebay minus the ebay fee's and postage. rounded to 150 quid

Offered at £1000 through MB club

Would consider PX plus cash either way on Genuine Porsche or Mercedes wheels or even a Mk4 Golf 1.4 or 1.6 5 door.
( A friend is looking for a 1st car, and I can sell Porsche bits through our company)

Don't be afraid to message me with offers but please keep them sensible.



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