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Nov 1, 2023
Greater London
Mercedes Benz C-Class C250 Sport Estate 2012
Hi everyone,
Apologies, I've already posted for assistance and didn't realise I should say hi first.
I joined the Mercedes Benz owners just a few weeks ago after being forced to change the car due to Ulez. We were going to hang on for another year or so but the hand was forced in the end. We were looking at estates, I've had 3 BMWs in the past so first look was at the 3 series touring but from what we could afford it didn't stack up against a C-Class estate. It had to be petrol of course. I was reulctant to go the MB route as my Dad has one, I didn't want to be MB twins with him!
After eliminating the competition via some spreadsheet stats we decided on the C-Class estate.
Originally looking at the C180 around a 2010 but then the budget got tweaked, and then further raided and I managed to get a 2012 C250 Sport estate in a sort of metallic black - and I love it. It has the 7 speed auto box and leather interior.

So far, I've had the wheels refurbed and powder coated a dark silver (they need a polish before I'll post a pic). I've switched the head unit out for an Android one from iceboxauto. I've given it a polish and a part from a few barely noticable scratches I'm pretty pleased - I think my Dad is too!

My Dad was a mechanic so I know my way round even if I'm not that capable. I'd do pads and discs, basic filters but that's it mechanically. I'm defintely a have a go DIY'er but I also know when to call in the pros.

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