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I’ve had a vibration towards the front of the car developing over the past 3 or 4 thousand miles.

Firstly it manifested itself only when braking from around 50 - 70 mph.

My very good local garage correctly diagnosed a front disc issue, found corrosion on the rear face, between it and the hub, cleaned both surfaces and that issue became a lot better, proven with a before and after check on the mot brake machine.

At the weekend I had new tyres fitted and balanced by the same garage, Michelin Latitude Sports. I then towed a heavy trailer on a 400 mile round trip with no issues on Sunday, this would have tested the brakes.

Monday I took the car on the dual carriageway and all was well at 70.

Last night I towed our heavy horse box complete with horse, again with no issues (although we didn’t go faster than 40).

This morning on the dual carriageway a severe and continual vibration, seemingly from the front, started at 55mph and was there until 70 when I slowed right down to stop it. It’s so bad you can’t travel over 55 at the moment.

It’s booked in for the same garage to have a look later, but before that is there any pointers anyone can give?

I was wondering about the prop donut in addition to a buckled wheel, tyre weight coming off etc. I have always wondered if there was a slight low frequency rumble before at around 60, not sure, but I could have been convinced there was something there.

Any help greatly received as the garage is an excellent local outfit but not a specialist in Mercedes.


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Always suspect the item you've fiddled with last.
One or more of the new wheel weights fallen off?

The rumble around 60mph is most likely the front diff bearings. Change the oil, fit a magnetic sump plug and live with it.......probably wont't get any worse after that.

IIRC £3.99 on Ebay for the Magnetic Sump Plug, and about £15 for the synthetic diff oil..

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