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Jan 21, 2003
GL63 AMG / SL500 / Porsche 911
As some of you may know, I have been looking for one of these for a while.

I have run E-class estates now for the last 13 years. Originally old 124s when I was refurbing our house, then found them so handy and practical that I’ve always run one as a spare car since. Had a couple of 300TEs, then an E320 S210, then an E430. And about five years back I sold my CLK55 and moved onto E55K wagons as a more complete package when I started a family.

In my opinion, the E-class estate is one of the greatest Mercedes-Benz cars of them all. Nothing else quite balances the practicality, comfort, refinement, luxury (if specced that way) and reliability in one package. Five or seven seats, a huge load area, a great range of engines and trim. Timeless and classless - there’s one out there for everyone. And great performance too from the larger engined models. It’s to me what the Golf is to VW.

But I have unfortunately (and very fortunately! :)) outgrown the E-class now. I need an extra seat for an impending new arrival and although my E55K wagon has seven seats it’s not practical luggage wise for us as the rear bench seat only folds as one leaving no room for the usual stuff a family needs. Would be fine for occasional use but not everyday for our needs.

Not keen on the usual people carriers. We don’t do many miles PA, nor drive everywhere, and fuel consumption has never really worried me. I have always admired the GL from afar for the space and choice of spec and options etc. Although the early ones seem okay, I was put off by some of the reliability issues I had read about, and the vast majority of them (90%+) are diesels which isn’t really what I wanted either.

GL63s have been on my radar for a while, but as there’s so few about, coupled with the fact that these large vehicles often tend to have a hard life i was struggling to find a decent one.

I viewed three at MB main dealers - two of which were in poor condition. One was pretty good but still not perfect and the colour combo and spec weren’t what I was after along with a hefty price tag that IMHO wasn’t worth it.

Out of the blue, during an email I was made aware of one that had just become available. Headline details sounded good - 21k miles, one owner, had just come into stock and not been prepared or advertised etc - was I interested? After being forwarded the OASIS report I was quite pleased to see the spec, along with a decent practical colour combo. If I’m honest I wasn’t remotely excited to see it, felt as though I was going through the motions when I arranged a viewing. Got the email last Saturday that it had arrived and when would I like to come and see it? Conveniently I had time to see it the following day in the afternoon and made a time to view.

Again turned up to see it, still not particularly enthusiastic, walked outside and saw the car - exactly as it had come in, hadn’t been prepped in any way but looked great at first glance. Initial impressions were good, and my enthusiasm began to perk up. Was given the keys and left to myself so I could have a proper look around in my own time. Opened the door and looked inside and it all began.

Two as-new Mercedes-Benz child seats in the rear. Opened the boot and found every single piece of paper for the car from new, including the original bill of sale, every service receipt - the lot. Receipt of £708 for the child seats included.

Other miscellaneous items including a MB ‘Star Guard’ cleaning kit, a metal AMG tin with dealer accessory key covers, three seats of the cordless headphones for the entertainment system, and other bits and pieces. The interior was literally as new, not a mark anywhere. Had a look under the bonnet and everything was reassuringly perfect there too. Went to start it up, sounded perfect, looked and saw three quarters of a full tank of fuel. Had a walk around the car and looked over the bodywork, trim, wheels etc. Could not find a mark anywhere, nor any signs of previous paint. All the wheels were unmarked, matching Pirelli tyres all round with newish tread, not a single ding anywhere and barely an imperfection to be found. I’d say outside of garage queens owned by enthusiasts I’d struggle to find a six month old car in this condition. It had all the hallmarks of exactly the sort of car I like to buy.

Went back inside and asked for a test drive, and genuinely it drove as new. Can not fault it in any respect. It had just been serviced - a B-service with all the trimmings, sat nav updates - the lot (£1200+) a few weeks prior. This was suddenly looking like a proper car!

Went through the paperwork in more detail, as well as then electronic records with the salesperson and everything was literally perfect - everything done on schedule, gearbox fluid, plugs, all filters and updates etc. Has been under MB warranty from new, and done about 3.5k miles PA. It was bought new at MB Chelsea, serviced every year by them and traded back in there by the original owner. Does it get any better than that?

I won’t go into details of the previous owner, but suffice to say the expression ‘maintained regardless of cost’ most certainly applies. Jaw dropping levels of wealth, which explains the condition of the car, and how it had been kept.

I decided to buy it, paid a deposit and collected it a few days later.

I asked them specifically not to wash it or valet it in any way. And when I went to collect it everything was as I wanted - it was exactly as I’d seen it! Managed to give it a careful wash on Friday and am pleased to report that the bodywork is in virtually as new condition, pristine - barely a swirl mark or stone chip to be found. It’s literally as close to new as you’d ever find - the majority of six month old cars aren’t in this sort of condition. It must have been looked after by a high end detailer from new. I’m struggling to find anything to do to it :D

It took me four months to find one like this, but I am so pleased that I waited. It’s literally perfect, and perfect for my needs. I only now feel guilty of using it.

A bit short of time to get photos, but here’s a couple of quick snaps from when I first viewed it a week ago:

Haven’t driven it much yet but took the family out yesterday (and got it a bit dusty!) but it’s great. Loads of space, comfortable (if a little boaty compared to an E-class!) and rides nice on air. First click on the suspension seems to improve that. Very docile around town, but with a great amount of power on tap for when needed. To me it’s the perfect family car :cool:

AD29206A-830A-4590-A07D-E4349FB39D0F.jpeg 9B683E67-0663-4C21-9CE8-823AD57826EB.jpeg 54D88694-A5A9-4345-87C8-7CC91EF3C8CE.jpeg C282CE28-B66F-4F4A-AF08-AF23CEC19A2F.jpeg

Will add more details and some better pics when I can, but for now I’m over the moon :)
Wow, as new as you say (it looks)
But Sheesh that's a huge car..... Much longer than an E class estate? sure you can do *better* than that ;)

But the full package that you wanted (Inc toys and accessories), so man maths must have made it a simple(ish) decision

Thanks - yes it’s a big car for sure, but I don’t think it’s all that much longer overall than an E-class estate. The front and rear end is quite flat which helps. But it sure does fill a parking bay (and yes I could have pulled forward a bit more!) :)

Much of the mpg is from the previous owner which I didn’t think was too bad for the size and weight of the car (considering the average speed it can’t have been sitting at 60 with cruise on etc). We’ll see how it goes but anything in the teens will be a bonus in my book. Not looking forward to filling it up 100L at a time though :doh:

Man maths for me were that it needs nothing doing to it at the moment, has two years warranty, the next service is not due for nearly a year and is only a basic A-service next. It’s obviously going to depreciate over that time (nothing like what I has done until now though!) but shouldn’t cost the earth in maintenance and repairs which is what I wanted. And it has most of the options I was after (plus a few nice ones I am happy to have). Quite a decent spec really :cool:

And on the plus side, to me it’s a fantastic family car too - if a little noisy on cold start!
"good things come to those who wait" :thumb:

The car seems to be superb, everything that you sought and more. enjoy it.

Great buy, by the sound of it.
What a Cracking Colour! Perfect, Looks lovely Will,
Cheers Gav :)

I’m really chuffed with it. It’s not a colour I’d have thought about but it seems to suit it. Only trouble is it takes ages to clean as the car is just so big :doh:

I actually had to buy a bigger bucket! ‘Two bucket wash’ means something completely different now - two for the bodywork, one for the wheels and that’s without any extra for rinsing!

On the plus side I hope it will be a more forgiving colour than black to maintain. I’m lucky that it’s been well kept as it would take an age to correct if it it needed a full correction detail etc! :D
Congrats Will, that is a cracking looking motor, glad your patience paid off! :)

Does lack a little bit of road presence though:D
Looks a great car! Thought about one when selling my ML350 but decided what I needed was a smaller car but wanted a V8 , without the ruinous expense, hence the SLK. Miss the interior space but not the bulk so am loving the V8 and if I need a 4x4 use my wife's RAV4.
Great write up, I have absolutely no need for one of these yet still want one now!
Will, yes a little bit difference in size to the first time I met you all those years ago, when you had the 190 Cosworth. Then foot loose and fancy free, now a growing family.
Great replacement for the E-Class, love the colour and all those goodies. Enjoy.
Congrats on the new motor Will, that looks stunning!
What a great buy in terms of spec, mileage & condition.
Well done, congratulations. Looks like it's in perfect condition.
Looks great Will. Wouldn't swap your fuel bills for mine though!



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