GLA45 uneven tyre wear

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Oct 1, 2018
Hi all, has anyone else experienced uneven tyre wear on their GLA45? I have a 2018 model and have just replaced both front tyres (again) due to excessive wear on the inside edge (they were down to the cords). Wondering if this was normal due the factory camber/castor settings or whether i need to get my car looked at. Thanks
Most tyre places will do a free assessment, take it in to a protyre or something similar!
This seems to be a "characteristic" of many new cars. I had four wheel tracking done on my last car and the new front tyres still wore unevenly on the edges
Slightly greater wear on the inside is relatively common but if it’s excessive then there’s an issue, ie need replacing with 5 mm left across the rear of the tread.

Edge wear can also become accelerated or pronounced if you regularly use full lock for example manoeuvring on a drive way or another tight space.
It could be front anti rolling bar links
You don't straddle speed humps do you?

That would quickly wear insides of the fronts (with the weight of the engine pressing down on them)
Had four wheel alignment done and the fronts were toe in too much. I'll just have to wait a year or two to see if the adjustment has made any difference to the tyre wear.

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