GLC 2016 220D Issue with Fuel Sensor or Fuel gauge?


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Mar 11, 2020
Hi Have GLC 220 Diesel 2016 and looking for help with electronic fuel gauge (digital segments not dial with pointer) or sensor
Tank was down to last segment on gauge when I refilled tank (Reserve Warning light was on at time).
After refilling tank and restarting engine the gauge and instruments is only showing one segment and 40miles but reserve warning not activated.
Initially gauge segments go full but resort to one segment after engine starts.
Just incase issue with petrol station pump tried to refill at another station after 10 miles but tank is full therefore presume issue is with gauge or sensor.
1. Is it possible to reset without using MB dealer?
2. Anyone any idea of likely costs in labour and parts in UK?
3. Any help would be appreciated.

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