GLC 2021 things lacking


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Apr 28, 2021
GLC 220d
Hey all.

I just took delivery of a 2021 GLC 220d with Premium Pack as a trade in for my 2018 GLC 220d.

I've discovered the lack of park assist - I know its been debated - but it's totally disabled right? Even the parallel parking as I had on my old car?
It's listed in my build document -but the VIN check reveals the infamous 'reduced' entry for Park Assist.

Also - I noticed that in my boot there's no longer the chrome handle on the storage compartment on the boot floor - nor is this lockable. Also there's no little hook to stop the thing closing on your head as there was in my other car.
Is this correct? Have they removed the lockable feature/chrome handle and pushed it to the AMG's?

Seems a strange thing to shift especially with the Premium Plus pack.

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