GLC AMG LINE running boards

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Oct 16, 2016
Fareham (Hampshire)
GLC 250d AMG Line Premium auto
Has anyone found a supplier of running boards for the GLC AMG line?
They're available for ordinary GLCs, but as the AMG line has a slightly different body kit, they wont fit.
According to EPC, there is only one running board retrofit kit

And looking at the actual parts, they are the same (apart from for China) for all GLCs (i.e coupe and normal etc etc)


Perhaps its like towbars, MB don't want AMGs to have running boards?
You can get running boards on the AMG line at purchase but the lower body shape of the AMG line is different to the sport etc.
There’s no difference between the running boards on the sport and the AMG line, as the actual running board replaces the AMG line body kit running down the side anyway. They’re all the same and fit all variants. The only thing you can’t fit to the AMG line is a set of MB mudflaps

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