GLE W167 Recall - fuel supply components

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Dec 16, 2020
GLE53 BMW M850i Cab. Prev - C63S CLS63S GLE63S&550 SL500 SLK55 GLS S & E Class, R107 SL, CE 124
Hi all. If anyone has a current model GLE (W167), there’s a new recall for failure of the fuel supply system. Just a heads up; the recall work can’t be done if there‘s too much fuel in the tank. Mercedes and their dealers know this, and ideally the level should be around 10%, but they omit to tell customers this at the time of booking (as I found out today after I dropped the car into the dealer). Mine’s not the first they turned away, as they couldn’t do one yesterday, but I was 20 miles up the road in the loan car before they bothered to call. Hopeless doesn’t cover it!

Maybe this will help someone avoid such a complete waste of time.

PS - I don’t know of any other models/engines affected (mine‘s a petrol 53) but I’d guess the GLS is the same system.

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