Glove box rattle - solved


Nov 12, 2010
W204 C220 CDI Exec SE
I thought I would share my experience of finding the source of an annoying rattle in the glove box of my W204 C220 in case anyone else has the same issue. The dealer simply 'adjusted' the door using the two little rubber stoppers that are mounted on screws. This made the door close nice and tightly but had no effect on the rattle. So I set to and removed the glove box to have a look as I had found that applying pressure to the bottom of the door made the noise stop.

So - removal. I followed this guide on merc upgrades -

It is pretty much spot on and not too difficult. The guide mentions an awkward torx screw at the bottom of the side nearest the centre console. This is indeed a pig to get at. Forget using a normal screw driver. I had to use a torx bit and a right angle socket to get at it. Other than that it is really quite easy to remove.

The source of the rattle turned out to be a poorly routed cable that serves part of the heating system - might even be the air con fan? Anyway I could see where the cable was supposed to be routed - it had just been done the 'lazy way' on the production line. Once unplugged, rerouted and backed up with a couple of small cable ties it was much tidier.

And now - no rattle!

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