Glow plug.

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Feb 16, 2021
west midlands
Mercedes-Benz CLS 2006
Hi my CLS W219 has the glow plug light stay on for about 1 minute after starting. I purchased a diagnostic tool and ran a scan its come up with cylinder 3 glow plug open circuit. My question being which is cylinder 3 (I'm guessing left hand bank rear one as I'm looking at the engine from the front of the car.) And what are they like to change if heard horror stories of them being seized in position. Thanks
Well not that I see too many models' like yours and even then most MB's are left hookers .So #3 is at the back nearest the firewall as you have mentioned.
Recommended is to flood the glow plug pocket everyday with an anti seize spray like Plus Gas & oil mix etc and let it soak in for about a weeks worth of driving about before attempting the big Kahuna of removing it.
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Tuercas viejas ;
P.S your glow plug is M8

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