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Discussion in 'Engine' started by KeithJG, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Had the car at MB Medway 10 days ago for to do No.6 glowplug........used the car twice since then and second time the glow plug light on again:doh:

    Read the error codes and this time worked it out and it was No.2 gone kaput.

    So already having had in the last 2years 4,5 and now 6 just done now we start the other bank of i booked in at Steve Garlick Maidstone and just come home from there and he replaced all 3 on the other bank so now all done except when checking the error codes on STAR No. 2 gave a reading of Open Circuit so replaced the Relay and now all ok.

    While i was there he had taken off the MAF trunking so had a new Turbo Seal and i looked in at the filters and they did look dirty so he replaced the Air Filters and adapted them on STAR and also while at it he replaced the A/C filter above the battery under the hood which has been there over 2yrs.

    I put up this thread because i am shocked at where MB get their mileages for Servicing from?

    They recommend 60,000 or 4 years for air filters on the C Class and if you look at the pics. they are crammed with insects and dirt after only 10,000 miles!!......the motor still returned excellent economy but now i can tell the extra sparkle the throttle has because of the new filters. The pics. don`t do the filth justice as they are packed with insects also there were whole butterflies in the boxes.

    Going back to Steve next month to get the Crankshaft sensor and Camshaft Sensor replaced as off to France again in September so another few thousand miles.


    Forgot to add having just rid of the French Diesel from the tank on my previous 2000 mile jaunt last month ....i only use Shell Nitro Diesel and the difference in that here in the UK to ordinary French Diesel is like Day and Night?.......although economy the same must be the two stroke i use:rock:

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    The V6s suck in a huge amount of air especially with yours mapped as well. I've done everything on our 203 as you've done on yours. Ours is a 2007 with 76k on the clock ,fresh as a daisy, brilliant condition and goes like stink. A great car.
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    Take a bottle of millers eco powermax it'll give the cheap french diesel some extra cetane and keep it clean.

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