Glow plugs w221 s320 cdi

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Apr 24, 2007
Mercedes S320CDi
I need to replace the glow plugs on my 2006 w221 S320cdi, the engineer who services my car advised Me to use Mercedes originals as he fitted a set of Bosch ones to a 320cdi engine and the car started having problems, ended up taking it to Mercedes they told him that The Bosch ones caused Voltage spikes, they were changed to Mercedes originals and there were no further problems, anyone any advice or thoughts on this
I would probably use Beru from ECP if available as MB don't make glow plugs so will be a rebranded Beru or other leading manufacturer
I've just seen On NGKs website it states that they supply their glow plugs as OEM to Mercedes
I have used Beru,they sometimes have them on offer on ECP ,you can of course change them all,or just the one that has failed,you need a diagnostic tool to point to the failed one,the numbering of the them is as you look at the engine from the front on the left it is 123 heading back from the radiator and then 456 on the right side heading back.

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