Going under the knife - again!

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Woken up today with a very sore throat and neck - feels like they shoved a hedgehog down my throat! It's so sore that I can only lie on my back, rather than on my side, to look at my tablet.

Of the wound sites, my elbow feels fine, no noticeable pain there at all however, my thigh is rather sore - not surprising considering the size of the wound.

Anyhow, all-in-all, not too bad an experience. Here's hoping that the healing process goes smoothly.

Oh, yes HB, it is still attached, so your wife wife be pleased! :p :D
How did you know I had 2 wives ?
Now on morphine due to the pains in the neck (I don't mean HB's wives).

If my neck is no better after the w/e I have to see the doctor.

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