Gold wrapped w126 300se?

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Feb 14, 2023
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Was just browsing eBay and saw this weird 300se w126 for bid; wrapped in gold??? Who would've come up with that?! Up for bid, would be interesting to see what this fetches, such a peculiar car.

Found a YouTube video on it too.. Apparently it belongs to some Somalian millionaire (can't tell if these lads are having a laugh) and it's sooner getting scrapped?? In one of the videos it’s star getting ripped out of the grille carelessly??

Can't make it make sense seeing as it's also for bid.. Interesting.

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Oh well, its funny the things you find browsing eBay and thought I’d share with you all as it’s not something you see everyday!
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I posted this before, but there is a certain 'celebrity' business owner fairly local to us who has a similar taste in wraps (and I don't mean Fajitas)
gold - Copy.jpg
BTW, despite his choice of parking space, he isn't a local cabbie.
J341 PFH is the plate of the W126 in post 1.....not registered at the DVLA....but should not be difficult to get a V5.
MoT runs out in October 2024. Why is it "Not for use on UK roads"?
Because its not registered with the can MOT anything....does not even need number plates on...Don't see that as an insurmountable problem though.
Could be a ULEZ scrappage victim or insurance classified as a cat B breaker.
Coming down the motorway from Newcastle yesterday I passed a brand new metallic pink wrapped Range Rover with a farmer type guy driving it who was smoking a pipe.

I was expecting a footballers wife type to be driving it lol

Reminded me of something :)

Would fit Ali G and his hoes perfect. :rock:
How can it have a valid UK plate if its not registered with the DVLA? Was it previously registered with them and its been removed by them? I expect the DVLA would be able to explain this. Maybe it was scrapped due to ULEZ. I don't buy the insurance write off angle as how did it get a current MOT? And its had annual MOT for years, even if it has failed a lot of times. On balance, I think it must have been registered with DVLA and had a V5C in the past (How did it get insurance if the registration was not valid?). In another 8 years it will be ULEZ and MOT exempt! [Edit]: Having delved into the scrappage scheme, it seems that the car MUST have had a "certificate of destruction issued" so if officially doesn't exist, it can't be re-registered. Is it illegal to issue a Certificate and then put the car on ebay rather than squashing it - hmm!
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