Good auto electrian in/near Reading Berks?

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Apr 26, 2016
Reading, Berks
C280 sport
Hi, I have some electrical issues on a w202 C280 sport and would like to know if there are any auto electricians that come recommended in/near Reading, Berkshire. (Siren fuse keeps blowing, so possible siren/disconnection/replacement SAM/heated rear window relay.
Can see a few local specialist garages that offer electric/diagnostics however any
suggestions welcomed and appreciated.
Many thanks

Great, thanks Neilrr. I had seen them come up on search and they get good reviews. So glad they come recommended. Will give them a call Tuesday. Thanks again
Do a google on it for information .I think its a replacment unit at the rear of wheel arch liner . Water gets inside the unit ,but they do have a fuse in there some place.Television is your man.
^^^ Good one!
Thanks for the shouts lads, I got a thread on the problem further down in electronics, it's doing my head in, lol cars!! I think we found the siren at the front (mines a facelift 98) passenger side engine bay(bottom) I am just careful when messing around with electrics as it's not my strong point and learnt an expensive lesson years ago plus no garage anymore makes life a bit more difficult when taking cars to bits : (. Brilliant forum tho, had lots of help from Dec, and hoping once it's resolved it can help someone else if the problem ever pops up somewhere else. Once the gremlins sorted out on the lookout for a leather interior and an amg back box. Also need to work out how to post some pics of the car onto my profile, :)
Thanks Captain! This one is very close to where I live, so very handy to know. I saw them advertised and glad they come recommend, it's good to have some local options and hoping I can get the issues sorted soon so I can start really enjoying the car.

Thanks again everyone, it is really appreciated

He is a great knowledgeable guy, although often very busy! I used to live round the corner from him and he popped by to sort a problem on my old car on his way home. It was a simple fix and he didn't even want to charge me.
Thank you :) It's good to know, got burned on some electrics on a pug205 years ago, proper bad and happy to sort anyone out of they do an honest Job of it, and it's good to know there are some good specialists about, even better if they are local. We use a really good mechanic for the wife's ford, but he will admit electrics are not his bag especially on mercs. Great forum, some real knowledge and people who really know their stuff !has been proper helpful.
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