good price for '85 300TD?


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Aug 14, 2003
I'm seriously looking to buy an 85 300TD wagon with only 120k on it. The problem is that there is moderate rust along the wheel wells and around some of the edges of the hatch and doors (as well as some minor surface nicks on the body).

The car seems to be in excellent mechanical condition aside from needing brake work including a new master cylinder. Taking all of this into consideration, is $3000 a decent price for this vehicle? I'm hoping to talk him down to $2500 considering the brakes and rust.

Also, is it possible to swap out the wheel wells on these vehicles? I figure that might be the best way to deal with the spreading rust.

I've never owned a benz but I am gettiing real excited! Thanks in advance for your help-


Ian B Walker

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Jun 7, 2003
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I personally think you would be paying about 50% too much there. I rescued a 200T from ebay for £700 that I dont think was near the condition of the one you describe. But there again I may just be wrong, members here will correct me thats for sure lol

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