Goodwood - Now we’re happy to announce that our first public Breakfast Club since 2019 will take place on 1st August


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Oct 11, 2013
SLK 250 AMG Sport 125 Ltd Edition
From the moment the gates opened at 7am all was a delight to be out & about mingling amidst classic cars & fellow enthusiasts. There was almost a vintage/Revival/garden party ambience with scattered chairs & tables on lawns & plenty of refreshment outlets with no queues. Dare I say a hint of 'crowds but no crowding' ...................until 9am (well 8.30 to be honest by which time it was hell with wheels. Huge crowds, long queues at every refreshment outlet or waiting for breakfast in the Jackie Stewart Pavilion. Kids running around & dragging their sticky fingers all over the cars & leaning against them to be photographed by ignorant parents.
But it's an event that costs nothing to attend, a freebie that attracts those often only vaguely interested in cars especially in the holiday season. All despite having to faff about on a computer to get a ticket.
How stupid for an organisation that normally takes every opportunity to extract money or overcharge NOT to introduce an entrance fee for all.
£10 per car £5 for everybody else, loose change surely & easy to do when you book your ticket on-line. Or maybe Goodwood has calculated it makes so much money from food & drink an entrance fee would reduce numbers & consequently refreshment income.
As ever Brooklands do it so much better & get a nicer crowd.

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