Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. Cannot drive!!

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The end of the fairy tail :

Went to the dealer today. Get my tyres rebalanced and rear ones refitted. I had 8 weights on my wheels before and one after. Fuel consumption today was as usual (31 in comparision to 26 after new tyres were fitted at first time).

Never ever I will ask for cheap service from any 3d party even if it just filling up of windscreen water.

And cheap - it is not true. I could buy tyres for 90 through mail order and get it fitted at MB for 50 all 4. Total - 410.

Paid 480 for that clowns. Plus another 50 to rebalance.

Stupid pays twice. :crazy:
mobeyone said:
nothing there and guess what... my tyres are a little thin in the middle....



Just popped out to change the pressure and am now riding on front 32 and rear 36 - is this ok?

Scratched my alloy in the process when the airline would not come off :mad:
I'm not sure - I did have a look in the on-line handbook but it doesn't seem to list pressure's, except for the space-saver. As someone else mentioned, they're supposed to be on a label under the fuel flap.
Mine are 16" wheels, 55 profile at the front and 50 at the back. Also it's an estate.
My normal pressures are 30F 33R, but I found the tyres wearing on the edges, indicating underinflation. They're Bridgestones and I can almost *see* them wearing out. So I'm running them a bit higher at 33F 36R - I can feel the difference though.
The max pressure on the label is 46 for the rears - for full load high speed. On the tyres it says max pressure 51.

The main danger is running them too low, especially at high speed or if the cars fully loaded - the tyres can overheat and blowout.

I also scratched one of my alloys checking the pressures - I use a dial gauge and it's really awkward with the short valve stems fitted.
apparently - cold tyre pressure is 4 psi less than warm one (warm means - tyre made even less than 1 mile). Try to measure your pressure in a morining before start.
i had two new tyres fitted and felt wobbeling floating with the car for the first 50 miles or so rechecked the nuts and tyre pressures one of the new ones was down to 22lb ...shoud be 32 lb and the front where a pound did them and away we go ....i think you loose a bit because of the slippery compound they apply not giving a good seal just done 250 miles with caracvan on back and no probs and booted it back

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