Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 - Please check your tyres

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Jan 21, 2003
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Just heard about a thread from another forum - apparantly some unscrupulous suppliers have been importing tyres from Thailand that are not legal for UK road use and could be potentially dangerous. Apparantly the construction and compound are inferior.

If you are using Eagle F1s please spend 2 minutes of your time and check that you are running on the correct 'E' marked tyres suitable for the UK market.

Checked mine which were supplied by mytyres and all is fine. Made in Germany and stamped with the correct 'E' marking :)

Thanks for your e-mail. Please find a link on our sister company Dunlops site to a tyre sidewall.

The letter F on the link shows you a box or a circle and inside this is an E with a number eg E13 or E5. Outside that box or circle should be a further number. The number outside the box or circle is the E mark. If your tyre does not have the number after the E13 / E5 then the tyre is not E marked and illegal for fitting in this country for use on UK roads.

By clicking on letter F you will find out more information on E marks. Should you need to contact me my number is ***** ********.

If you have a non E marked tyre you will need to advise your dealer who supplied the tyres or trading standards.


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Hope this is of use, and even if it were a false alert it's worth a minute of anyone's time to be safe.

I did get mine cheap, better take a look! Your link does not work for me however.

E13. I'm all good.

As I always say, safety first. Wouldn't want to be doing any road racing at illegal speeds with tyres not E marked. Just kidding of course :D
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Goodyear Eagle F1's. There are two types!!

Just a heads-up really.
Don't know if this has been posted before but I think it is something to be aware of.
I am running F1 GSD3 tyres at the moment but luckily mine are the german ones.
Check out this thread on VPCUK.


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