Got my camshaft adjuster plates 😀 from 63motorsport

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This is how it looks, the plunger can be seen at the end 👍

Thanks for the detailed answer, I figured it would be around that but couldnt find a definitive answer. The coil plugs into the same material are only 6nm so didnt want to risk overdoing it. Cheers
Between 6 to 10NM is fine, if it does seep at 6NM, can always crank it up to 10NM. There is a rubber seal, so will be okay 👍

The bottom solenoids on bank 2 is a bit of pain to unscrew. There are a few pipes and a plastic pipe assembly bracket in the way. I remember removing the plastic bracket taking care not to break the fragile pipes, especially the smaller tank feeder pipe which runs from the thermostat to the coolant tank. It's fragile like egg shell.

Very rewarding and satisfying job 👌 🙂

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